You can help give a shelter pet the second chance it deserves during the annual Clear The Shelters event, going on from August 23rd to September 19th.

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Clear The Shelters is a nationwide pet adoption campaign lead by NBCUniversal Local, a division of NBCUniversal. Every year, NBCUniversal Local’s NBC and Telemundo-owned stations, and their affiliates, partner with several South Jersey animal shelters and rescues in a collective effort to find loving, fur-ever homes for cats and dogs in need.

All these animals want is safety. All these animals want is love. All these animals want is to not have the lights turned off to them at the end of another day that they didn't get chosen for adoption. It's a lonely place.

But during Clear The Shelters, most of the participating adoption centers are waiving adoption fees to make it easy for qualified individuals and families to take a pet home.

Below is a list of some local shelters and adoption centers taking part in Clear The Shelters. But if you can't adopt, Clear The Shelters month is a nice opportunity to donate instead.

Where in South Jersey to Adopt a Pet During 'Clear The Shelters' Month

If you're an animal shelter in New Jersey that would like to participate in Clear The Shelters, you can add your information to their official website's list here.

This is an excellent time of year to give an animal in need a home if you and your family have been considering pet adoption.

Many of my pets over the years came to me by way of being homeless and out on the street, but I recently adoption two shelter cats, and my mom also adopted a dog that had been on quite the journey from Tennessee to Georgia to New Jersey. We both underestimated just how rewarding it feels to save a pet from spending another night in a shelter or worse. And there's just something in the eyes of a rescue pet that says, 'Thank you.' I hope the Clear The Shelters event gives you some incentive to bring a new fur baby into your home.

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