Each year our friends at the Popcorn Park Zoo, in Forked River, give us the one animal who gets the ”worst” distinction at the animal refuge. Each year they have one animal who has been at the Zoo waiting for a home for the longest time. This is a distinction that you don't want to earn obviously.

This holiday season the pet is a dog named Ellie. Ellie has been waiting at Popcorn Park Zoo for over 330 days now! Ellie first arrived in Forked River in February. 11 months later she is still waiting for a forever home, will she possibly get a new chance in 2021?

Ellie is six year’s old and can make a wonderful pet for a loving family. Ellie has had a rough life, but there is still time for her to know what love is....is that you? According to the Popcorn Park Zoo....only 1 person in almost a year has asked to even see Ellie.....only 1 !

Ellie should be an only child, she would be best in a ”pet-free” household. She is loving and well behaved.

If you feel alone, then you know how Ellie feels as she watches dog after dog get adopted while she sits and waits and waits. According to Zoo officials, this is one dog that will love you, unconditionally, for the rest of her days if you give her a chance. Call 609-693-1900 or email:  office@ahsppz.org to meet Ellie.

The Dog Who Has Waited the Longest For A Loving Home at Popcorn Park Zoo

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