Earlier today, I asked my Digital Media Editor for some ideas to write about. She said that she's seen a lot of posts about stores having Christmas stuff out already. Her thought process was that I would have a strong opinion about it and rant about it. I mean I have opinions about everything and enjoy a good rant. However, when it came to this idea I could not think of enough stuff to rant about. This lead me to the realization that I genuinely couldn't care less. This is shocking for me.

Once Christmas products start making their way to stores, people start to complain on social media. They  complain that it’s too early and we need to give each holiday their moment. I didn’t know that holidays have feelings and need to feel special.

In your larger stores, such as Target and Walmart, the Christmas/seasonal items take up a very small section of the store. In Target Christmas items, for the most part, are in the back corner of the store. It is not very intrusive.

Christmastime is a joyous time of year. What’s wrong with looking towards, what some people consider, the happiest and most wonderful time of year. Stores are not rushing into a sad time of year, it’s not tax season.

We only have ourselves to blame for stores “rushing” into Christmas. If people didn’t buy the products, they would not be putting it out. Businesses don’t do these for a couple of laughs, there is a reason to the madness. Christmas stuff in October sells, so they continue to do it. Obviously the ones who complain about pre-mature Christmas are not the ones buying the products in October, but enough are for it to become a regular occurrence.

I honestly cannot put in the energy to get annoyed about shops putting out their Christmas items “early.” There are other things I would rather be annoyed with, like people leaving shopping carts in the middle of parking lots.


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