Earlier this year, we had kids eating Tide Pods. After they were done eating them, they moved on to snorting condoms. Obviously, that was the next step in this progression. Recently, a challenge has arose that has put kids in the hospital and some have died. This "challenge" is called the fire challenge and as you can imagine the dangers of this new craze are life threatening.

This challenge is not a new one, but an incident occur earlier this week. The fire challenge was first introduced to the internet back in 2014. Kids douse themselves in rubbing alcohol, or other flammable liquid, and set themselves on fire. The kids film themselves doing this to later upload onto YouTube.

Earlier this week Timiyah Landers, a 12-year-old from Detroit, was hospitalized after attempting this "challenge." The girl was rushed to the hospital with burns on 49% of her body according to Fox News.

These stories date back to the summer of 2014, but with the challenge craze of YouTube it appears that the fire challenge is making an unfortunate comeback. Landers' mother, Brandi Owens, warns parents about this challenge by saying, "Monitor these kids, especially with these phones and if I could after with this happening, my kids would never be able to be on social media — no more iPhones, nothing."

Source: FoxNews.com

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