Now that we have celebrated Labor Day 2023, fall is officially upon us! There are so many fun and spooky adventures to go on within the next few months that everyone in your family can enjoy.

There’s one fall event that is perfect for the Star Wars fans in your life. I am a huge Star Wars fan myself, so when I saw that a huge corn maze that is completely Star Wars-themed was opening, I couldn’t even contain myself. I seriously felt like a child.


The Delaware River Railroad Excursions has 2 corn mazes set up that you can visit in Phillipsburg, New Jersey and this year's theme is the best movie franchise ever made (in my opinion). The best part about this experience is that you not only get to enjoy the themed corn maze, but you’ll also arrive at the site on a huge train.

Delaware River Railroad Excursions are known in New Jersey for their immersive train rides that are themed throughout the year. There are pumpkin train rides in the fall and even a Polar Express-themed ride coming this winter!

Right now, you can ride the train to Snyder Farm where you can explore the Star Wars maze that features some of your favorite aspects of the movies. Find your way through the Death Star or the Mandalorian Maze and see how quickly you can find your way out!

This is such a fun idea for not only the die-hard Star Wars fans in New Jersey but also for anyone looking for some fall fun! The maze is open now and it is expected to run through October 29th, 2023!

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