All salons are currently closed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, so women everywhere are having to handle their beauty routines themselves. This, obviously, includes their nails.

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Nail salons are closed for, at least, the immediate future, but for those who are in desperate need of a manicure, you're in luck... especially if you're a fan of Netflix's new hit series 'Tiger King'.

Press-on nails featuring the star of 'Tiger King', Joe Exotic, are now available for purchase. The internet went wild with the discovery of this product after it was shared to Instagram. @Nail_Swag is offering 'Tiger King' nail designs featuring Joe Exotic's face on every single one.

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It's a shame the man's in jail and not able to fully appreciate just how wild (no pun intended) the show has taken off. Of course, Joe Exotic is probably aware of the show's popularity, but who knows if he's able to comprehend just how huge it's taken off.

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