The state is not messing around when it comes to the law requiring facial coverings when entering any retail establishment.

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One man from Toms River learned the hard way after he was apprehended for entering two different Wawa locations, both on Route 37 in Ocean County. reports the 70-year-old uttered expletives towards the employees in the the first Wawa where he then apparently threatened force with a pipe. Police eventually let him go from the first location.

Less than three hours after the first altercation, the man entered a different Wawa, got physical with another customer, and once again delivered a violent threat professing the potential use of a pipe for the purpose of assault.

In addition to charges associated with not wearing the proper coverings mandated by NJ, the man is also facing charges related to his threats with the pipe. He's reportedly still in custody. Read the whole story HERE.


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