With the recent reopening of the salons here in South Jersey, if you're one of the lucky ones to have scored an early appointment, no doubt you're thankful to be sporting a new color and cut just in time for the holiday weekend.

Since it's been a while since your last full hair service and appointment openings are few and far between due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll surely want to maintain your fresh locks as best you can. Well, it's summer here in South Jersey, so keeping your hair healthy will take some extra work.

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All your hair needs is some dedicated TLC in the form of these six steps and you'll enjoy your beautiful new cut and color for much longer than you will if you choose to ignore them.

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    Distribute Your Natural Oils

    Basically, this means don't wash your hair as often. Your hair depends on the natural oils that build up, but the oils get washed away with every shampoo. Obviously, you'll need to wash your hair if you return from your day sweaty after enjoying all the activities a South Jersey summer has to offer, but make sure you're not washing it every day.

  • 2

    Water Is Your Friend - Use It!

    It's probably not something you're already in the habit of doing, but add it to your pre-pool prep routine. Dampening your hair with water before stepping into the pool which is full of damaging chlorine will help protect your hair from breakage.

  • 3

    Coat Your Hair

    You don't go in the sun (we hope) without applying sunscreen, right? Well, just like the damage it can do to your body, your hair can sustain damage from the sun's harmful UV rays. You can try a UV protector to shield your mane from any potential damage caused by a brutal day in the sunshine.

  • 4

    Wear a Hat

    If you're not interested in any kind of UV protector, make sure you're at least wearing something on your head when you're outside in the summer to shield yourself as best you can. A hat really can protect your strands from UV damage.

  • 5

    Avoid the Heat

    No, not the heat from the sun, but the heat from the styling tools. Your increased participation in outdoor activities will automatically translate to more exposure and damage to your hair without adding a curling iron or straightener to the equation. Try to steer clear of the styling tools unless you're attending a special event.

  • 6

    Tame the Frizz

    Drinking a lot of water and switching up your hair tools from a brush to a comb will help maintain frizzy hair. Also, applying a protein treatment every 2 weeks or so should help tame the mane and keep it looking fresh and frizz-free.

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