A tragic story serves as a warning to dog owners that like to take their furry friends to the beach with them. Last week, Chris Taylor and his 6-year-old lab O.G., became an unfortunate cautionary tale. Two days after a fun day at the beach the 6-year-old lab passed away. A veterinarian is now warning dog owners to be extra cautious when you are around salt water.

Taylor and his dog spent the day at the beach playing fetch and having a great day. That great turned to tragedy two days later. Taylor told Fox 5 News, "Towards the end of the evening, he was obviously tired and little wobbly after a long day at the beach. We took him to the car. He had a little bit of diarrhea he didn't feel that well."

The following day O.G. was feeling better according to Taylor, however things did a 180 on Wednesday. The lab stopped eating and would not respond to Taylor when he called for the dog. He brought the dog to the vet that day, where the dog's brain started swelling. Taylor was then put in the terrible position to have to put O.G. down.

Veterinarian Dr. Melissa Webster told Fox 5, "When I brought my puppy to the beach for the first time, I was literally there for only 10 minutes. He was drinking it like it was water in the pool. So for him, 10 minutes was more than enough."

Dr. Webster explained that dogs react to salt water poisoning differently so it can be difficult to pin point. She warns dog owners to keep an eye on their furry friends when spending time in or around saltwater, make sure you have plenty of fresh water, and keep an eye out for vomit or diarrhea.

Source: Fox5NY.com

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