A couple from Delaware is asking any and all for help in locating their dog who bolted from the second floor of an Atlantic City Casino Parking Garage.

In a story that's been shared on Facebook, the couple say their nightmare happened in the Harrah's Casino Parking Garage last Thursday, January 27th.

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The couple says their pet Yorkie got ran over by a van - then kept running - as it jumped from the second floor of the parking garage. They say she was initially spooked, and kept running.

Zaury is 7 pounds of love and happiness, and the couple hopes that maybe someone saw the dog and took her - or someone is taking care of her in hopes of reuniting her with her owners.

The dog was wearing a pink sweater and was attached to a Philadelphia Phillies leash.

Zaury's story has been put on several local Facebook pages, including Atlantic County Lost and Found Pets.

There is currently a $1,000 reward for Zaury's return. We've been informed the dog is diabetic and requires an insulin shot.

We wish Zaury's family good luck in finding her.

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