Have you ever wondered if your dog would come to your rescue if you needed them to? If someone broke into your house would your dog go after the intruder or would they run away? Inside Edition put that question to the test.

I have two dogs at home, a pug mix and a golden retriever. I would be shocked if my golden, Daisy, became protective and tried to go after any intruder or attacker. She scares easily. We had the cable company at our house yesterday, all Daisy did was whine a bit to see the guy, sniff him for a few seconds, and then went to her spot to lay down. On the flip side Bella, the pug mix, would most definitely go after an attacker. She is a ball of energy and full of attitude.

Inside Edition tested a few dogs to see what their reaction would be if an intruder came into their homes. Their responses were a bit comical.

What would your dog do?

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