Well, it's official. The return of pumpkin spice to Starbucks means that pumpkin-everything season is really back. There's no escaping it now.

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Check those calendars. What does it say? August, right? In my opinion, that means it's still too soon for me whip out the fall decor and start lighting my apple cinnamon scented candles throughout my condo. For some, today is the official "green light" to make fall throw up in every aspect of their lives.



Don't ask me why because I couldn't tell you, but I can't get into the fall mindset until it stops feeling like a sauna outside. Once I need a sweater or some sort of light jacket, then I feel ready to embrace pumpkin season. Of course, I will most likely venture out to get myself an *iced* pumpkin something-or-other at some point today simply because it's the first day of the Starbucks pumpkin season. However, I can pretty much guarantee you that I won't treat myself to it again until all the beach days have been spent.

If you can't wait for summer to be over, well - here's your chance to celebrate your favorite season, I guess. Just leave me alone to live out the last few days (weeks, since I live in South Jersey and local summer is about to begin) of summer in peace and pumpkin-free.

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