Our friend Brittany Jenniss of Tuckerton reached out to us regarding a little fur baby named Zane. He is a sweet 4 month old rescue pup who was found abandoned on the side of the road in Ohio, with a severely broken paw back in November.

Credit: Brittnay Jenniss via Facebook

When Brittany's family found Zane, they were about 8 hours away from home when they saw the injured pup just managing to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. Of all the cars passing by, Brittany's family decided to pull over and check on the dog who instantly curled up against them, shaken with a racing heart.


Later, they contacted local authorities who informed the family that the location at which Zane was found, is considered a popular dumping spot for unwanted animals. The sheriff's department expressed very little concern, so Brittany and the family drove the pup to another closer county that took very good care of the injured pup. They were then instructed to either leave the dog, or take ownership of him.

Credit: Brittnay Jenniss via Facebook

Unwilling to just leave the dog to sit and wait for care in an animal shelter, the family decided to take Zane to an animal hospital and paid for some exams to determine what is truly wrong.  After several tests, it's determined that Zane needs surgery to pin his bones together so that he can heal properly, which will hopefully allow his leg to catch up with the others and grow normally. This will allow Zane to live a full and happy life.

Zane loves his new home. He is the happiest, sweetest, most loving pup, regardless of his ailments that can potentially be fixed with YOUR help!

Obviously, the family was not planning on rescuing a puppy, and they certainly weren't planning on accruing over $6000 in hospital bills for this pup.

However, the expense is more than they can afford and would love the help of the community to give this fur baby the help that he needs to survive!

Anything that you can give to help Zane get the care that he needs would be ever so appreciated.