Make way for the cutest to balls of fluff this side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Spring is right around the corner, and the birth of these two little babes are proof that it'll be here before know it. We head up to Somerset County where the folks at Duke Farms in Hillsborough have set up a live stream camera for us to keep an eye on the fabulous circle of life happening up there in nature right now.

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A bald eagle family is patiently awaiting a third arrival after their first two eaglets hatched earlier this week and last. You can watch the live stream via the Duke Farms Youtube channel to check in on mom and her babies to see what they're up to. Did you know that mama eagle will still sit on her newborns even days after their birth? says they do this as a way to regulate their eaglets' body temperatures. Apparently, eaglets rely on the parents for the first few weeks to keep warm.

When you watch the live stream, you'll see the mama eagle in the nest the majority of the time. Since her babies just hatched last week, the daddy eagle will be the primary food source for the eaglets until they're a few weeks older. Since the two out of the three eggs have hatched, surely the 3rd will be hatching sooner rather than later. However, it's impossible to pinpoint exactly when that will happen. A fair warning about the live stream, though -- it's addicting. But, oh so worth it. Look how CUTE they are:

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