When you glance up at the skies this week, don't blink.

The Perseid meteor showers will be at their peak, which means as long as you find a dark place to watch, you're in for quite a show. NASA says the best time to catch the brightest meteors known as "fireballs" will be the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, August 12th. Your best bet will be just after midnight. Find a place to watch and make sure to look north, since NASA says that's your best bet for a great vantage point as the radiant is in that part of the sky.

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The radiant is the part of the sky where the meteors shoot from. According to NASA, the meteors themselves are actually from Swift-Tuttle, a comet that takes over 100 years to complete one full orbit around the sun.

Happy Stargazing!

Source: NASA.gov




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