If you take a poll to gauge the general public's opinion of the enactment of the mandatory two week self-quarantine, you'll find that most people can't wait til it's over.

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No shock there. But, one study conducted by Cosmetify suggests that the coronavirus self-quarantine may actually benefit one sliver of society. The study reveals that women lose an average of 24 days of sleep per year. Why?

Women lose sleep because we wake up earlier than most to attend to our beauty routines. So basically, we lose almost a month of sleep each and every year because we make sure our hair and makeup's done in the morning.

The study shows the average woman spends 40 minutes in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening on their beauty routine. Almost 70% of women feel like they could do well with more sleep. Since we're always so tired all the time, half of us combat that by at least throwing on some eyeliner. At least three quarters of us wear makeup almost all the time. Half of women wear a full face of makeup literally every single day.

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing us to stay in our homes, the assumption is that since we aren't likely to be wearing makeup or tending to our beauty regimens as religiously, we may actually be able to get some much needed sleep.

So ladies, we should just throw on some night cream and say goodnight. We've got some z's to catch.


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