In light of the coronavirus pandemic preventing the park from opening at its original date, they've chosen to bring back the drive-thru aspect of the Safari in the hopes to encourage visitors to come through for a safe and socially-distanced experience.

Six Flags Great Adventure started taking reservations this week for its Safari section of the park. If you weren't aware, it used to be a drive-thru attraction a few years ago, but the park changed it to an "off-road adventure" that was more like a ride in and of itself with people boarding safari buses for a closer look at a wide variety of safari animals.

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Six Flags announced last week that reservations would launch this week on a first-come, first-served basis for safari drive-thru time slots. If you logged onto the new website to reserve your slot this morning and couldn't figure out why you couldn't get through, it's not your internet that was the problem. reports that the issue this morning stemmed from an influx of people to the site. A spokesperson for Six Flags did say, however, that every effort was being made to get it back online. The site reportedly is back online.

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