It's Fall and Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what this means: pumpkins, and lots of 'em. Like us, the folks at 'SNL' know that this is the season where pumpkin products take center stage and invade every corner of your home, but unlike us, 'SNL' has the time, budget and duty to make a fake commercial that grotesquely showcases that there is one area of our lives that pumpkin flavor hasn't invaded quite yet.

There's no easy way to dance around this one, but 'SNL' went ahead and make a fake commercial for a pumpkin-flavored feminine hygiene product. Yes, "Autumn's Eve" is pumpkin douche.

As weird and crazy as the thought of this item is, the video's main focus is on ruthlessly aping and skewering the style and tone of this type of commercial. It's about as un-clinical as you can get. After all you don't sell this kind of product with medical diagrams, you sell it with shots of very happy women hanging out, laughing, playing on swings and, uh, carving pumpkins in an awkward and uncomfortable manner. Yikes.

Best of all, this is the rare 'SNL' bit that gives 100% of the focus to the show's frequently underutilized female performers. Even the ladies who aren't given lines get laughs with their great commercial faces and bizarrely overjoyed attitudes.

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