If the Zombies take over the word, we South Jerseyans are in a heap of trouble.

It doesn't look good for us good guys.

The Huffington Post is out with a list of the best and worst places to survive a Zombie Apocalypse - and New Jersey is definitely on the list of worst places to survive.

The article points out that Texas would be the best state to be in to survive the Zombies:

With a low population density and more federally licensed firearms dealers, hospitals and Walmarts than any other state, Texas is an easy choice for best place to survive the zombie apocalypse. It also has more military bases than all but a handful of states, which will come in handy to protect your desert camp from zombie invasion, or, in the event that Fort Hood is lost, as a place to salvage supplies. If you're really worried about the ZA, a scouting trip to Texas could be a good idea.

Meanwhile, here in the Garden State - we're kinda out of luck. New Jersey is rated 48th best state to survive a Zombie Apocalypse:

New Jersey is the most densely populated state, and coupled with its lack of guns and mountains, means it's one of the most difficult places to survive the societal breakdown. And that's not even taking into account the millions of zombie New Yorkers who are sure to come flowing across the bridges and through the tunnels in search of their next meal.

I guess the only saving grace for us in South Jersey is that we are almost all of New Jersey away from New York City. Then again, that's something we cherish every day, Zombies or not, right?

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