Gas problems soon won't be a problem for select public transportation outlets in South Jersey.

It was proposed a few months back that New Jersey Transit might invest a couple million dollars in a few electric buses. There would only be a small number of them at first. Depending on those results, the state would acquire more. Well, it looks as though those plans are officially moving forward as sources report the board is set to strike a deal with the company producing the buses, New Flyer of North America, for $9.4 million.

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The contract is on track to be signed by the evening of Wednesday, October 20th, and will set New Jersey Transit up with a total of eight buses to start. The plan directly aligns with Governor Murphy's clean air plan that wants all new buses acquired within the state to, at the very least, produce zero emissions by 2032. The goal, while obviously reducing air pollution, is to make sure that whatever form of electric transportation acquired, all the vehicles are sustainable over a long period of time. After all, what's the use of investing in a whole new system if the components are always breaking down and rendered more of a hassle than they're worth?

The buses will be distributed between garages throughout the state, the closest to South Jersey being in Camden. If all goes well, we could be seeing even more electric buses throughout South Jersey in less than ten years.

Find out more about the electric bus acquisition HERE.

Hope the electric buses can make it through these awful intersections in Atlantic County:

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