It's October, which means all things Halloween.

You could go on a haunted hayride or a haunted house that's filled with actors dressed in gory costumes or you could go to some real life haunted houses.

Looking to face some real life ghosts and real life horror stories?

Check out some of these South Jersey haunts.

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    Atco Ghost

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    A popular ghost tale of South Jersey takes place on Burnt Mill Rd. in Atco.

    According to Weird New Jersey:

    It was Christmas night and a boy was out playing with the basketball he got as a present when a drunk driver came speeding down this dead end street. He hit the boy and decided to run––only to come to the end of the road. The driver was forced to do a u-turn and drive back, passing the body of the boy he had just killed.

    There are many eye-witness accounts to the Atco ghost all over the internet. People have seen the shape of a young boy in the fog, a bouncing ball across the road, a young boy walking towards their car, and other variations. Some say you drive down the road to the end and shut off your car to see the apparition. Others say to drive to the end, turn your car around, and flash your lights three times.

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    Berrys Chapel, Quinton


    According to Weird New Jersey:

    ...Berry’s Chapel served the African American community as more than just a house of worship. Stories say that it was a stop on the Underground Railroad...

    There are stories of the KKK attacking the church.

    The church was later abandoned after a new church was built and was burned down.

    According to some ghost stories, the church had burned down twice, the second time killing people inside. The stories say at night you can see the church in flames and hear the cries and screams of the ghosts inside.

    There are also stories of a tree referred to as the "Hanging Tree" where you can find many ghosts.

    There have also been sightings of a white wolf ghost.

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    Abbott House, Mays Landing

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    There are many bed and breakfasts in South Jersey and many of them have haunted tales associated with them.

    Guests who have visited the Abbott House have heard a ball bouncing and footsteps running after it. It is believed to be a ghost of a little girl. Other guests have seen faces and shadows in the windows.

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    Jonathan Pitney House, Absecon


    Jonathan is known as the father of Atlantic City. He had visions and paved the way for the town to become a resort town. His home, in Absecon, was turned into a bed and breakfast. Guests have reported hearing soft flute music play. Some have said they have seen the ghost of Pitney wondering the house.

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    Washington Inn, Cape May

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    I've noticed most of the ghosts in South Jersey seem to be more of on the Casper side. In the Washington Inn in Cape May is a young ghost named Elizabeth. She has been seen around children and heard calling out the names of employees.