Ever notice how you're hyperaware of strange noises and weird happenings in your home this time of year? Sure, most likely that's because your adrenaline is constantly running during the month of October because of all the scary movies you're watching. But, do you ever find yourself wondering whether or not your house is haunted?

Don't worry. It's highly unlikely you'll be dealing with an 'Annabelle'/'Conjuring' situation within your own home, however, it may ease your anxiety a bit if you could know for sure whether or not anyone ever passed away in your house.

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For me personally, that's something I'm better off ignorant to. Ignorance is bliss, for me. I've got my blessed salt, holy water, and St. Benedict metals on all my windows, hah!

For people that just HAVE to know, there's an app for that. Well, not an app, but a website, at least. It's called DiedInHouse.com and it runs a full report to reveal whether or not there is a record of anyone ever dying there. There are a few tiers to choose from. The higher the tier, the more records are pulled.

If you live in a house that wasn't built until the early 2000s, well, the likelihood of someone passing away in that house is highly unlikely. Still, if you're not the original owner of your home, it might be worth it to take a look, right?

Don't forget, since death is not considered a material fact here in Jersey, a home's seller isn't legally bound to reveal that information to you.

You can access that website HERE, if you dare.

Happy ghost hunting!

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