Can traffic just stop? Please!

Have you ever tried to turn onto another road and you can't because there's too much traffic?

That's a daily occurrence in parts of South Jersey, and local residents would love to see more traffic lights put up to make things easier.

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Traffic lights needed on busy Atlantic County roads

My wife texted me the other day these words: "Guard rail is bent again."

Immediately I knew exactly what she meant.

One of the intersections in Egg Harbor Township, West Jersey and Ridge Avenues in often the sight of car accidents. West Jersey goes straight through, while Ridge Avenue has stop signs.

In many afternoons, proceeding from Ridge is much like a quick version of the game Frogger. When you see an opening, you have to floor it. Floor it and pray.

The intersection is surrounded by four guardrails that are often hit and knocked off their supports. It happened again recently and looked like this:


A traffic light at that intersection - or others on West Jersey, would sure be welcomed!

Other slowdowns needed

Jaimie says a light is needed at West Jersey and Cates in EHT.

Sara from Mays Landing says a traffic light is also needed at Reega and Cates - just a few feet away from West Jersey and Cates.

West Jersey and Reega Avenue run parallel to each other, separated by the Atlantic County Bikepath.

For some reason, whoever is in charge of the roads, authorized a cut-thru over the bike path, further complicating both intersections. (In my opinion, the stupidest idea ever!)

Google Maps
Google Maps

Galloway Township needs a traffic light

Sara mentioned a problem on Moss Mill Road at Old Port Road in Galloway. She says it's a scary intersection. "You legit gamble on whether people will actually stop while you turn left."

Back in Egg Harbor Township, Ray says a light is needed at English Creek at Providence Road.

Not only is Providence a road with houses, it's also the entrance to a popular small office complex.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Many will simply say "People need to drive more carefully", but it's really more than that, isn't it?

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