A lot of us find ourselves thinking, "I really should read more."

Not talking about stuff on the internet either.

I'm talking about a good book. A good read.


"A Walk to Beautiful" by Jimmy Wayne

A couple summers ago, I was in Key West, needed some down time. I bought the book, "Walk to Beautiful", by  Jimmy Wayne.

(Full disclosure: I've known Jimmy for about 20 years. but had never read his NY Times best selling book.)

I started reading the book by the pool one afternoon, and couldn't put it down.

I moved to our hotel's balcony and continued reading it there. I moved inside and read it there.

I was able to finish the book in less than three days, finding it fascinating, informative, and moving.

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What the book is about

Jimmy is a country music singer-songwriter, who's had some success through the years.

While he's talented and engaging, I think, ultimately, this book was his calling. It's a book about his life, specifically growing up.

Jimmy Wayne had a challenging childhood, growing up homeless at times and in foster care at times. Ultimately, he found a family to help lead and guide him into the early years of adulthood.

I think the book really teaches us a lot about the foster system in this country and the challenges that foster kids face each and every day.

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Making a difference

Jimmy's story and his championing of the plight of foster kids has led to changes in some state's laws. He's made a difference, and continues to inform and persuade, making appearances throughout the country.

"Walk to Beautiful" is available at most bookstores, or you can order it here.

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