The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in Mays Landing, is known as a "magical place."

It's been located in South Jersey and caring for animals for over 18 years, thanks to a single woman who imagined how life should be for hurt, neglected and unwanted animals.

That woman then passed that idea on to her daughter, Laurie Zaleski, the Founder and President of the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary.  Laurie's farm is a place where people and animals can come together with unconditional love by providing a place for them to be happy, healthy, and free.

Now, over 550 beautiful animals have an incredible place where they can mingle with other rescued animals, and be happy with a true sense of belonging!

Today over 2,000 people per week visit the farm, not including the 5,000 people who just attended their Fall Family Festival!

They also just released their first children’s book called “Farley the Funny Farm Dog” which is the first of 10 books to be released in the Funny Farm children’s books series! The entire $12 cost of the book feeds and cares for the animals. The company that helped make the book donated the cost, so that the animals can benefit. In which case 100% of all donations at the Funny Farm go to the animals.

The main message of the farm AND the book is that no matter what we all look like, if we have fur or feathers or beaks or cheeks, we can all get along. It’s a very powerful place and the message is anti-bullying and compassion and acceptance for all.

Once you arrive to the Funny Farm, expect to be treated with unconditional love!  You may even have cat sitting on your lap before you can step out of your van!  Or maybe you'll feel a donkey named E'yore nudging you for a hug.  You will see turkeys playing fetch with the dogs.  You will see Socks, a beautiful white horse who comes to welcome you.  You'll see geese walking around in groups on their way to see you. You’ll see Debbie De Goose telling you story after story non-stop. You’ll see Hollywood the baby goat telling you to hurry up and come see his big brother Chucky.  Everyone is so happy.

The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) charity and is open every Sunday and Tuesday from 8am-4pm --free of admission-- located at 6908 Railroad Blvd. Mays Landing, NJ 08330



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