Good Morning America

Hip Check your Prostate
Whether it be a hip check, poke check, sweep check, cross-check, lift check, shoulder check or most importantly, a prostate check. One in nine men will develop prostate cancer so the importance of getting to your doctor is at an all-time high.

Flashmob in Atlantic City Shines on Good Morning America!
Tuesday, I told you about a flashmob that was going to assemble on the beach in front of Bally's in Atlantic City.  Thursday, I told you that the flashmob was going to honor a local magician who has battled cancer TWICE!  Today, the full story was presented on Good Morning America.
Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!
This week on "Whatcha Wearing Wednesday," I'm channeling Kelsea Ballerini!  She looked adorable this morning on Good Morning America while she announced the CMA Awards nominations!
Teen Rides Shark [VIDEO]
I can only imagine seeing one of the biggest animals in the ocean swimming along a boat, but can you imagine jumping into the water and taking a ride along a whale shark?  Umm, no.  Well, this kid did just that...

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