I'm biased because I'm not a HUGE Mexican food fan, BUT if you are, would you consider marrying a burrito that you loved so much? 

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According to NBC, Emma, an 8th grader from Virginia, loved a burrito so much she decided to have "wedding" photos taken with it. Her mom, a professional photographer, did the shoot.

Photographer Laura René and her family were having make-your-own burrito night at their home when her 14-year-old daughter took a bite of her chicken burrito and instantly became infatuated.

Laura René says she recalls her daughter saying, "I know what we're doing next weekend. I have to marry this burrito. I'm in love with him. We have to do a burrito photo shoot. I need it to look like a real wedding."

In several photos, the photographer aka her mother, condones Emma sweetly kissing the burrito. In others, she is captured pressing it to her cheeks and lips while also emulating pregnancy pictures while holding a packet of hot sauce.

Technically, Emma's wedding photos were not taken with the actual burrito she loved so much because, well, she ate it.  In which case, the photos were taken with an XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito she and her mom got from Taco Bell. But according to Emma, the sentiment was the same.

Mother, Laura René says shooting burrito wedding photos is better than shooting regular wedding photos.
Source: NBCphiladelphia.com

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