I go to work early, often leaving home around 3 o'clock in the morning.

There's usually not a lot of people out and about or anywhere at that time of night/morning. Most of the people out late are home and most who wake up early aren't beating me out of the house.

Often, I'll make a stop at one of the Wawa locationss on my way in to work, and I've been able to pretty much categorize some of the people I see into one of 8 different types of characters. (Yes, most everyone out at a Wawa is some type of character.)

By the way, several years ago, I did a similar article on "The Nine People You Meet at Wawa" - and, yes, years later and hours later, there are some similarities.

The 8 People You Meet at Wawa at 3am

There are several different types of people you see in a Wawa at 3am

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