Every time I look down at my wrist I can now shake my head in shame. I have succumbed to society and "what is cool." Earlier this week I caved and bought an Apple Watch. Why? Well, I'll get into that. Trust me the reason is worse than you would think.

It seems like more and more people are buying wearable tech in the form of smartwatches? Why? We have become so attached to our phone we need them literally strapped to our wrists. I remember when the cell phone craze first came around and parents would joke that their kids had their phones glued their hands. Before that, parents would say that their kids were glued to the TV. This is nothing new. However, as a society we have become so obsessed with our phones they are now attached to us. As someone who now owns one of these stupid things, I feel like I can make fun of the whole lot of them.

I had been debating on getting an Apple Watch for a while now. I hate to say it, but part of the reason was because all the cool kids were doing it. It's flashy and obnoxious. Unfortunately, I am a person who sometimes feeds into that. I am a fan of Kardashians after all. You can judge me, I understand.

I knew of a few people who had one of these watches prior to me buying one myself. I would silently judge these people. I thought that they were ridiculous for having them and that they drink the Apple Kool Aid. Well, I drank an entire pitcher.

I am a person who is weak when it comes to marketing. I am a marketer's dream. I love commercials and cute packaging. I love customizing things and I like to pretend I'm a cool kid. All of this leads to me buying stupid things, like an Apple Watch. Again, you can judge me I understand.

Let's get down to the real reason I wanted a smartwatch, which is worse than what was mentioned above. This reason will make you judge me harshly, but it's okay I can take the heat. When smartwatches first made it onto the market I had one thought that constantly crossed my mind when I saw them. The idea of talking into my watch like a secret service agent or a spy delighted me. Yes, I wanted a smartwatch just so I could talk into it like a secret agent. I told you it was sad.

Over the past few days, this is exactly what I've been doing. I have been texted people using the talk-to-text feature on the watch. I feel like James Bond and I love it. Clearly, I watch way too many movies.

If you ever regret a purchase you made for an absurd reason, just read this. I wish I could say this was the strangest and/or saddest reason I have purchased something, but it's not. My life's purpose is to make people feel better about themselves.

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