The next stop on Jahna's Halloween Tour is this Thursday!

Night of Terror has six haunted attractions including their new addition for 2018, The Harvest! If you're not looking for something super scary, at least go to try the Haunted Paintball Hayride. The goal is to shoot every zombie you see. Unlike the Ride of Terror attraction at Creamy Acres, on the Paintball Hayride, no one is climbing into the tractor with you. It's basically just you shooting your paintballs at targets, so it's not too scary.

The Slaughter Cave takes you through the house of a NJ family that lives to torture it's victims! The Dark Dreams house makes you live your worst nightmare.

Man, I love Halloween! :)

If you don't plan on being there...


After Night of Terror is Terror in the Timbers at Parvin State Park on Saturday, October 13th from 7:30-9:30 pm!

For all the stops on Jahna's Halloween Tour, click HERE!

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