The discussion regarding postpartum depression has never been more active. Postpartum depression is finally acknowledged by the majority of health care professionals as a legitimate mental disorder. Honestly, it's about time.

Whether you believed postpartum depression was a legitimate disorder or not doesn't change the truth of what it is. The same stigmas that surrounded postpartum depression (and still do, though significantly less negative than they were in the past) now surround another mental disorder associated with women who've recently given birth.

Ever hear of "postpartum euphoria"?

Basically, postpartum euphoria is the opposite of postpartum depression. Women who suffer (yes, suffer) from postpartum euphoria experience huge bursts of energy for weeks and sometimes months after labor and delivery that could, in fact, result in a hospital stay.

Seems weird, right? After all, don't most new moms wish for more energy than they have? Yes, but this is on a whole different level. Postpartum euphoria is a mental disorder. Translation: the energy these new moms are experiencing isn't actually real. Something or some sort of hormone is released in the brain that makes them feel like they have all of this energy to burn when in reality, they just end up burning themselves out.

Turns out, you might've heard of postpartum euphoria before, but under an alias. When someone talks about "the baby pinks", that's postpartum euphoria.

It's real. It's a mental condition. It's normally temporary. It needs to be taken seriously.


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