My patience was tested this morning. I am not a person that is quick to anger, but this morning the cusses were flying and my hands cramped up I was squeezing my steering wheel so hard. It is July 4th week, which means plenty of Shoobies clogging up our roadways. In my mind today shouldn't have been so bad, yesterday was July 4th. They should all be already here right? Wrong.

I am a person who enjoys driving the parkway. I should correct that statement a bit and say I enjoy driving the parkway when there is no traffic. Usually, for my morning commute I have no traffic. While today wasn't exactly heavy with traffic, it was annoying enough to get mad about.

As I drove in today I was surrounded by New York and Pennsylvania plates. This should have been a huge red flag, the sirens should've been going off. There were also an increase in box trucks, much more than usual. I did see a moving truck, a Pod truck, and an unmarked box truck all in a row, clearly someone was moving.

Let's get to where I was cursing every single car around me. What speed was I going in the left lane? Well, at one point we were going around 60 MPH!! The worst part was that they were driving along side the people in the center and right lane. You couldn't get around them. To make matters worse, they were riding their brakes.

There was a tweet floating around Twitter and Facebook that perfectly explains how you are supposed to drive in New Jersey.

Seriously though...

At one point while I was driving behind a New York plate my mind went dark. I was contemplating just how much I love my car and would it be worth it to give the car ahead of me a little love tap. Don't worry I didn't do it. I love my car too much to betray it like that.

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