Snacking is the absolute worst when you're trying to keep your nutrition and diet in check, but this new snack is taking the dieting world by storm!

You're familiar with the cycle. You're diet is ON POINT for about 2 straight weeks. All of a sudden, your best friends stops by with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies made from scratch. Instead of having just one, you finish the entire tin. Then, you go to bed feeling like you've utterly failed at life and basically binge for the next week on anything and everything you want because your guilt is telling you that you have nothing to lose because you already messed up that ONE time. Then, before you know it, one turns into 7 straight days of awful eating habits.

Have you ever heard of roasted chana? It's a snack native to India that includes the trifecta of diet food characteristics. For one, it's super low-cal. You've heard the expression "burn more than you intake". That's the key to losing weight. However, you MUST be sure that you're giving your body enough fuel in order to burn off the excess fat. Roasted chana is low in calories and will keep you full for an extended period of time, thereby decreasing your overall daily calorie intake.

Roasted Masala Chickpea / chana known as chatpata futana or Phutana in Hindi served in a bowl. Selective focus

How will it keep you full? Well, that's where the last two parts of the trifecta come in. Roasted chana is high in fiber AND high in protein. These are the two factors that keep you fuller longer.

NDTV shared some tips on how to increase roasted chana's nutritional value. Check them out HERE!

Source: NDTV

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