Viral Motion recently shared a video to their Facebook page of a guy doing the most hilarious Grinch impression you've ever seen in your entire life.

Taking a cue from Jim Carrey, this Grinch impersonator hits the nail on the head with his portrayal of Dr. Seuss's most infamous Christmas caper villain.

This guy walks around town as the Grinch, walking into various businesses and stores while wreaking all kinds of havoc on innocent bystanders. As the video demonstrates, people love it! The girls love his flirtatiousness because it mirrors that of Jim Carrey's portrayal (which is hilarious).

He even stops to take pictures with people eager to capture the real live Grinch in their backyard!

The best parts of the video are when he quotes some of the most memorable lines from the Jim Carrey live-action version of the film.

Hopefully, with the release of the newly-animated Grinch movie hitting theaters in time for the holiday season, we can expect a follow-up video from this legendary Grinch impersonator.

Source: Facebook

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