For most of us, our phones are basically our security blankets. We use our phones for everything these days: to listen to music, for directions, to shop, the list goes on and on.

Since our phones are usually attached to our hips, some of our habits may actually be endangering the life of the devices. Let's be real; phones are way to expensive nowadays for us to not be taking the absolute best care of them that we possibly can.

This list explains why these three acts of absentmindedness could end up costing us thousands.


  • 1

    Unaddressed Battery Issues

    This could mean a million things, but the main culprit for battery issues is always some sort of water damage. If you don't disconnect your batter from your smartphone & immediately powering down after you suspect water damage, you're not only endangering your phone, but yourself as well.

    If you fail to shut down your device, the battery could literally blow up. Don't be that guy that causes your phone to blow up... it's not a good look.

  • 2

    Too Much External Exposure

    We love to live in ignorance regarding our phones' invincibility, especially when it comes to weather conditions.

    We always hold our phones a little bit tighter when it's pouring outside, but we should be shielding them even more from direct sunlight.

    This could cause the device to overheat, potentially leading to countless numbers of issues. Bottom line: don't leave your device in a hot car, don't take it in the tanning bed, and don't take it in the sauna.

    Sounds like common sense, right? If it were, it wouldn't be included on this list...

  • 3

    You Never Turn Your Phone Off

    While the jury is still out on how often and how long you should leave your phone off, most sources agree that your device should be powered off for a minimum of 30 minutes per week. says that doing this will allow your phone to clear its cache and cookies, thereby speeding up the app response time.


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