There are still tickets available for the first Atlantic City Beach Concert of the summer with Jimmy Buffett!

Concert organizers have also released an updated list of DOs and DONTs - including what NOT to bring with you to the beach on Saturday.

The weather promises to be hot and humid, with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms.

For ticket information on the the concert, go to A map of the concert site, and another map detailing parking options can be found here.

Here's the latest information from organizers:



 Allowed Items:

Blankets and towels

 One (1) soft water container (camelback – 16oz or smaller, ½ gallon jugs), empty, permitted only in General Admission (GA) ticketed areas. See below regarding restrictions in Gold Circle ticketed areas.

 Umbrellas <------- Will ask guests to break down at 3:00PM

 Low-back, small beach chairs (9” or lower)

 Non-professional cameras

 Non-framed backpacks and bags

 Encouraged Items



 Government-issued identification

 Cash, debit card, credit card

Prohibited Items

 Bottles or containers will NOT be permitted by guests entering the Gold Circle ticketing area or VIP areas.  All beverages must be / will be poured.  Cups will be provided.

 NO weapons; NO squirt guns, toy guns, or anything else that resembles a weapon

 NO illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

 NO Cans or Bottles other than those listed above

 NO HARD STYLE coolers (9.7 x 7 x 9.8 in is largest size allowed)

 NO outside food items

 NO alcohol

 NO fireworks, sparklers or any type of explosive device

 NO HIGH-back chairs and/or patio chairs (SAND CHAIR ONLY no higher than 9”)

 NO glass containers of any kind

 NO tents or structures

 NO flags, totems or anything else that might block a guest’s view

 NO animals (with the exception of service animals and small horses pre-approved by The City of Atlantic City).

 NO bicycles, skateboards, scooters or personal motorized vehicles unless an ADA approved device.

 NO professional cameras. Flash photography, video and removable lens cameras are not permitted without prior approval.

 NO laser pens / pointers

 NO paint, sharpies or permanent markers

 NO unauthorized or unlicensed vending

 **Confiscated items will NOT be returned**