It's not too late to get the kiddos out for some exploring this summer!

One of the most legendary places in New Jersey that so many people LOVE to hike is the Pine Barrens. Did you know that the Pinelands stretch through seven of New Jersey's counties? If you're looking for a plethora of trails to explore, that's where you'll find them.

If you have small children, carrying them on your back (or front, for that matter) might get exhausting out there in the woods. It's probably best to introduce them to the pines a little bit more slowly.

One way to do that is to head out to Jakes Branch County Park and Nature Center in Ocean County. Located in Beachwood, close to Toms River, Jakes Branch is home to an exhibit that's perfect for the littles in your life. It allows them to explore the pines in an indoor setting all while catering to their developing senses.

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There's also a beautiful park for the kids to exhaust some energy, so you're in for a pretty jam-packed day. If you do think you might want to get some hiking in, there are apparently more than eight miles of trails for you to explore, as well.

If you're going to do some hiking after letting the kids explore the exhibit, it's probably best that you keep an eye on the temperatures for that day.

Consider taking the kids to Jakes Branch County Park for a day trip before school starts in a few weeks. No doubt, they'd absolutely love it!

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