A Tuckerton woman has been sentenced to sixty-days in the Ocean County Jail following her arrest in September and guilty plea in December to Animal Cruelty charges where 16 dogs lived in deplorable conditions, announced Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer.

Allison Konowitz, 36, was sentenced for Animal Cruelty in violation of N.J.S.A. 4:22-17c(1) and was given two years probation and restitution in the amount of $1,225.00.

She is also prohibited from possessing/owning any animals, nor may she be employed in any field related to animals.

The sentence is the result of a guilty plea to Animal Cruelty that Konowitz previously entered on December 19, 2018, at which time she admitted to purposely, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to a living animal by failing to provide the animal with necessary care, ultimately resulting in the animal’s death.

Konowitz found herself in trouble on September 3, 2018, after Tuckerton Police saw several dogs running loose.

Officers were able to secure one of the dogs which appeared to be extremely malnourished and wounded.

They then observed the front door of a nearby residence open, with dogs coming out and going freely around the neighborhood.

Upon entering the residence, officers found the conditions to be deplorable.

The Health Department was notified and the residence was deemed uninhabitable.

Sixteen dogs were recovered from the residence and transported to the Ocean County Animal Facility in Stafford Township.

One puppy had to be euthanized due to his condition from living in the home.

The death of this animal resulted in Konowitz being charged with Animal Cruelty, convicted by guilty plea, and now sentenced to jail, probation and restitution.

Fortunately, Prosecutor Billhimer said that the other fifteen puppies have been adopted by loving and caring families.



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