Police in the city of Salem discovered a gruesome scene this morning when responding to a call about a shooting.

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According to NJ.com, these shootings are the first to result in death in Salem County in the new year. Police responded to a call regarding shots on a Salem city block. Upon arrival, they discovered two bodies that were pronounced dead at the scene. One man was found shot to death in his car. The other was discovered in an alleyway off of Wesley Street.

The scene apparently drew quite the crowd of people as other police departments in the area were reportedly called for backup. Crowd control, according to NJ.com, was necessary. The police didn't release the names of the deceased as they wanted to respect their families, allowing them to be the first to hear the news.

Unfortunately, the city of Salem has seen an increase in violence over the last few years. NJ.com reports that last year alone, the city experienced ten homicides - keep in mind, too, everyone was supposed to be quarantined. So, for a tiny South Jersey municipality to see that much violence within a year that had people cooped up in their homes is unfortunate news to hear.

Apparently, the city's own police force will not be investigating this case alone. Rather, they are currently receiving assistance from both the FBI and the state police.

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Source: NJ.com


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