Salem County: Is a bigfoot living in your neck of the woods?

A witness has come forward with information about their bigfoot sighting in Monroeville, South of Clayton, in Salem County - very close to Gloucester County.

A witness reports seeing a 7 to 8-foot-tall creature crossing the road.

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Did a witness see a Bigfoot in South Jersey?

The witness says their sighting came at about 2 in the morning, on Hollywood Avenue in Monroeville. Holywood is a dead-end residential road with a lot of wooded area nearby.

The witness is quoted on saying this: "As my truck came around the dog-leg, a large, hairy biped, at least 7-8ft tall was crossing the road, right to left. I slammed on my brakes and watched it cross the road about 150 ft. in front of me. My lights were on it because there was no street light right there."

The witness says the creature took just a couple of steps to cross the road and then headed into the woods.

After that, the creature wasn't seen again.

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What now?

While a search of the area for footprints and such might make sense, it really wouldn't help.

While the witness just came forward, the sighting happened way back in 1998! The location has changed as there are no more homes in the area.

Bigfoot Investigator Matt Moneymaker (you may remember him from the Animal Planet TV show) says the area is a good area for possible Bigfoot activity. "The swampy creeks are all still there, and the big power tower routes are still there. They provide a private freeway in the wee hours for a large animal that does not want to be seen."

No word as to why the witness took so long to come forward with his story.


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