Here it is: your first 2021 check-up hosted by yours truly. How's your new year going so far?

Let me give you a little update about mine. I kicked off the new year like everybody else, feeling pretty positive and hoping for a much better year than the previous, however, that quickly took a nose dive within the first week.

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Okay, I'm being slightly dramatic. My year so far hasn't been THAT awful, I mean, ya know... besides the violence and all the political rhetoric ripping the country apart. Let's just say that my year could've gone better in terms of my physical well-being.

I wanted to start the new year off on a healthier note, so my boyfriend and I used the gift cards we'd received for Christmas to invest in a new outdoor hobby....

"Pick up a fun and healthy hobby," they said. "It'll be fun," they said.

I CANNOT emphasize enough the fact that I am in NO WAY an athlete.... by any means....

In fact, if I'm being honest with you, I'm probably one of the most uncoordinated people you'd ever meet. I love sports, don't get me wrong, but don't expect me to pick up the MVP title in any pick-up game. I enjoy outdoor activities, but I'm not great with direct contact. Contact sports aren't my thing.

Little did I know that I should extend the whole "contact sport" definition to any piece of sports equipment that comes in contact with the ground. My boyfriend and I bought rollerblades with the gift cards we received and you can add that to the list of sport-like hobbies that will without a doubt result in an injury for me.

That's exactly what happened...

Not even five days in with them, a crack in the pavement took me out which resulted in not one, but TWO sprained wrists. Yep, both my wrists are sprained. Only me, I swear. I went to urgent care where they told me that I can't resume any wild physical activity for at least two weeks.

I can promise you this, though, I WILL be back on the blades as soon as I can. I may not be Sporty Spice, but I'm no quitter, hah! I love being active and having fun doing anything I can outdoors. Moral of the story, if your 2021 didn't exactly kick off without a hitch, you may be down, but it's not over yet. 11 more months to go and it's only going up from here.

Hang in there, friends!


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