We all make mistakes, even us. This is a correction on a previous article.

We (meaning I) previously wrote an article about a free adoption day at the Atlantic County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, this was incorrect.

The article stated on July 23rd the Atlantic County Animal Shelter would be waiving its adoption fees. There will be no free adoption day on July 23rd.

What does this mean?

Well, it means I should pay more attention.

I think this is a good learning lesson for all of us.

On many occasions I have seen people share old articles on Facebook that are no longer relevant. I have seen everything from celebrity deaths years after said celebrity passed away to outdated events.

They say do not believe everything you read online. Do your research and check multiple sources. This can be carried over to don't believe everything shared on Facebook.

My brother had shared the outdated animal shelter story, I saw it, read the article, and wrote about it. What did I miss? Well, I didn't read the date on the top of the page. The original article was from July 20th, 2016. Without even noticing the year, the fact that the article was written on July 20th should've been a red flag. Unless we want to take time travel into consideration.

Learn from my mistake and be more diligent online so you don't end up with egg on your face.


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