A Vineland man is accused of dumping thousands of gallons of gasoline into the ground behind a Pennsylvania gas station.

Witf.org says Delaware County Pennsylvania District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer  says criminal charges have been filed against George Smith, 37, of Vineland  - the driver of a gasoline delivery truck.

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According to the story, Smith was making a delivery to a gas station in Brookhaven on June 11th. Stollsteimer says Smith "showed up with nearly 8,500 gallons of fuel. There was not enough space for it, because the company had made an earlier delivery that day. After Smith had pumped about 4,000 gallons into the underground tank, Stollsteimer said, the overfill alert system went off, causing Smith to stop."

Stollsteimer says Smith then took the filling hose, carried it to the back of the staion's lot and just pumped the remaining gasoline - over 4,000 gallons - onto the ground. Stollsteimer says there is a stream behind the property. Security video captured the events, which ended with Smith packing the hose back into the truck and leaving.

The Witf.org story says the next morning, someone noticed the smell of gas, but by that time it was too late, as the gas got into the storm water system. "From there, it flowed into Coebourn Elementary School’s retention pond and Chester Creek, killing a fox and vegetation, as well as numerous fish, turtles, eels, and frogs in the creek and a connected tributary. The school had to close a week earlier than scheduled because of the spill."

Smith faces a number of charges. He was due to turn himself into authorities Tuesday.

SOURCE: Witf.org.

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