Have you finally put up your Christmas tree?

By the looks of what's been circulating around Facebook and Instagram over the past few weeks, it looks like everybody in South Jersey, minus a few late decorators, are ready and set for Christmas. Most people have completely decked out their homes AND their trees for the holiday. In fact, it's been cool to see that many South Jersey residents actually have more than one Christmas tree in their homes this year.

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I have to admit, this year has been the first that I've noticed so many people having multiple trees. I'm sure some have always had more than one, but this is they first year that I've seen it almost become the norm. So, that got me thinking there's no way the people that have 2+ trees in their homes spend money on more than one real one, right? Based on everyone's pictures, that statement seems to be true.

With that being said, it's only fair to ask you, the people with 2+ trees, this question:

Which artificial Christmas tree color is the most popular around these parts, do you think?
I've seen so many variations of Christmas tree colors this year; more than I ever have before. I've even see a blue Christmas tree on social media somewhere. Of course, the three most popular colors seem to be the traditional green, a snowy white, or a hot pink tree.

Out of those three, cast your vote for which artificial Christmas tree color you think is the most popular one within the South Jersey region.

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