Everybody shops at Walmart, right? In 2023, I think it's safe to assume that's true.

I hate to admit it, but unfortunately, it's really hard to beat those prices. Everything is so dang expensive these days that it's hard to shop anywhere else that often anymore. Don't get me wrong, I always try to shop small. I shop locally whenever I can swing it, but lately I've had to resort to getting most of my everyday items from there.

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That may be changing soon, though. According to Coupons In The News, there has been an update to Walmart's coupon policy that will probably anger every single shopper here in the Garden State.

Stephen Vanhorn

You know the digital coupons you can show them at the register? Well, unless you feel like printing them all out every single time, you can kiss those savings goodbye.


Walmart has updated their policy which includes much more strict limitations on which ones can be used and how. Gone are the days when you can just show the check-out person your phone and get that money back. Make sure you have them printed out so you can hand them in.


Also, make note that you won't get money back anymore if your coupon exceeds the value of the particular item. It's a crock, isn't it?

Walmart used to be one of the most coupon-friendly stores in our area. Doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

You can read the coupon policy update for yourself HERE.

Source: Coupon In The News

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