There is a "war" on everything anymore.

War on (insert religion here).

War on Christmas.

Now there seems to be a war on Halloween.

Yes, apparently Halloween is now offensive and not P.C. What a shock...

A few schools have decided that they don't want kids that do not celebrate Halloween to feel left out.

A school in New Jersey is adopting this idea.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Morristown have cancelled their Halloween parade. In a letter to the parents the school explained, "We recognize that since many of our students do not celebrate Halloween, they are unable to participate in a Halloween parade. After feedback from staff and students, we have decided an alternative activity to the Halloween parade: The Classroom Escape."

Of course parents and students did not agree with the school's decision. According to NBC New York, the school asked parents to not speak to the media about their concerns.

Another school in Massachusetts, Boyden Elementary School, is switching out Halloween for "Black and Orange" spirit day. The school did not want a Halloween parade because the parade is not inclusive.

Insert an eye roll or two here.

I have seen many articles telling parents to not allow their kids to dress up as the Disney Princess Moana, calling it offensive.

Let us know what you think!

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