I found an awesome orange skeleton chalice and skeleton garland at the dollar store and knew I had to do something with them.

For the skeleton and snake goblet you need about 2 minutes and some sort of container. I saw similar decorations online that put the skeleton and snakes in large jars, so any sort of see through container will work.

I took the skeleton garland and broke it into pieces, arms, legs, skulls, ribs, etc. I places them in the goblet arranging them as I went. I wanted the skulls around the edges so you could see them. I finished it off with the glow in the dark snakes from the dollar store. You could paint the snakes if you want, but I wanted them to glow in the dark.

Just like that you are done!

For the skeleton chalice I painted the plastic skeleton cup (I'm calling it a chalice because it sounds cooler. Tip: paint the chalice white first. Solid satin or matte colors cover better than metallic paint. Tip: rough up the plastic a bit with sandpaper to allow the paint to adhere better. I tried painting it light gold at first, then switched to copper. You could spray paint it to make it faster and dry faster.

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