Have you ever seen a racecar crash into a wall inside of Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Boardwalk Hall was home to two days of indoor auto racing and the action inside of this nearly century-old building was insane.

Case in point, video from the inside of one of the vehicles shows not only how fast these drivers go, but also what it's like to go head-first into a wall.

This video is from Tyler Lindsay, who said, "I participated in Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall's Gambler's Classic race. This is a short clip of the semi-feature qualifying race in which I ended up on my lid."

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Apparently, the impact from the crash made the camera turn around, so not only can you see the car hit the wall, but we also get to see what it's like from the driver's point of view.

The one thing that I immediately noticed is how calm and cool Tyler seems to be. Let's face it, if you or I crashed into a wall, we would probably be freaking out and screaming. But, within a matter of seconds, crews were assisting Tyler and he gave a thumbs-up that he was OK.

Should you want to read more, a full recap of all of the racing that took place in Atlantic City as a blizzard was raging can be found at indoorautoracing.com.

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