Wawa is beginning to tackle one of the world's biggest problems.

The scene plays out this way: you're in a hurry and you need gas. You pull up behind a car that's getting gas at the pump. Then you see the driver of that car get out and go into the store. The gas pump clicks-off. The attendant takes the nozzle out. And you sit there and wait.

And wait.



And wait.



And wait for the driver to come back.

We've been addressing this issue for close to two years now -- what many of you consider to be the biggest pet peeve at Wawa: people that abandon their car at the gas pump.

Not to worry -- Wawa is addressing the situation.

I was getting gas recently and spotted this sticker on a pump:

Wawa gas pump sign - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

In other words, run into the store after you get gas!

Thank you, Wawa, for trying to solve one of the world's biggest problems.