You can now add Wawa to the list of retail stores that are requiring all employees to mask up as the delta variant continue to be the main cause of the increase in COVID 19 cases across the state.

The convenience store giant reinforced its mask mandate for all Wawa employees on August 4th according to 6 ABC. The company is also strongly recommending all customers regardless of vaccination status also wear masks when entering the store. Wawa tell 6 ABC

"Wawa is committed to keeping its associates, customers and communities safe,"

Here's the latest retailer mask guideline list as cases of COVID continue to surge:

Starbucks:- All employees must wear a mask and customers strongly recommend wearing one while inside regardless of vaccination status; Starbucks will follow all local laws or regulations for mask mandates.

Walmart/Sams'Club- All employees are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status in areas of high-risk transmission. All employees must also follow state and local mask mandates.

Target: All employees must wear a face mask and customers are strongly recommended to also mask up in areas of substantial or high-risk transmission rate.

McDonald's: All customers and staff are required to wear a mask in areas of substantial or high transmission rate regardless of their vaccination status

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 Lowe's: All employees will have to mask up regardless of their vaccination status

Home Depot: All associates, contractors, and vendors must wear a mask regardless of Vaccination status. Customers are also asked to mask up. Masks will be provided

Kohl's: All employees must wear masks n areas of substantial or high-risk transmission rate regardless of vaccination status. Customers are also recommended to wear one inside

CVS: Employees must wear a face-covering in all locations and customers are strongly encouraged to also mask up.

source: 6ABC 

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